Continental Race King Opona RaceSport 26 x 2.2 składane czarny (2016)

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The first choice for racers.
The Race King is a classic competition tyre. The tyre is suitable for use in cross-country races or marathons and is designed for hardtails and race fullys. The tyre convinces with its low rolling resistance , a voluminous body ply, and excellent self-damping. The profile offers the best credentials for frequent travelers.


Designed without compromise for use in mountain bike racing: The RaceSport casings combine consistent lightweight construction and noticeable superior puncture protection at the highest level. In cooperation with renowned professional mountain bikers we have created the perfect basis for competition tyres. Handmade in Germany, they offer rolling friction and puncture protection of World Cup quality. The structure makes the difference: a particularly fine and flexible nylon fabric with elaborately manufactured protecting rubber lining and universal base. Together with the legendary BlackChili Compound, this is the ultimate combination for XC and Marathon Race.

BlackChili Compound
In the research and development laboratories for Continental bicycle tyres in Korbach, Germany, the staff and engineers have been looking for the solution to one of the fundamental problems of tyre construction: The running properties of the rubber compound of a tyre are largely determined by three interacting factors: static friction (grip), rolling resistance and mileage. The dilemma is that you improve one of these factors, and in turn, worsen at least one other factor. A tyre with maximum grip wears out faster and rolls slower. If one makes the tyre faster or more durable, then this in turn reduces grip. With the then current highest standard of compound technology, the Activated Silica Compound having already reached a very high standard of compromise, our developers wanted to take compounding to an even higher level. This lead them to venture into new territory, exploring new ways so that in 2005 they made a breakthrough in mixing technology, the first steps to what is now known as BlackChili. This revolutionary compound is based on the latest findings on polymer and other raw material research.
Przepraszamy, ale tekst w języku polskim nie jest w tej chwili dostępny.

  • Has everything you need to succeed on modern, technical XC courses
  • Flat, yet aggressive profile
  • Concentrated studs for easy rolling on hard, dry soil
  • 3/180 TPI
  • Numer produktu : 360144
Płeć Unisex
Intended use MTB
Wheel Size (Inch) 26 Inch
Weight (g) 485 g
Tyre Tyre Size Inch (Diameter x Width) : 26 x 2.2 Inch | Tyre Size ETRTO (Width x Diameter) : 55-559 mm | Build : opony zwijane | Pressure Bar : 3.5 - 4.5 bar | Performance : RaceSport | Rubber Compound : Black Chili Compound | Foldable : tak
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Rok produkcji 2016
Numer produktu 360144
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