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Head ÖTILLÖ Tiger Mid Race Mirrored Okulary pływackie pomarańczowy/czarny

ID: 497135
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Szczegóły produktu

Przepraszamy, ale opis produktu w języku polskim jest w tej chwili niedostępny. Pracujemy nad tym.

The Tiger Mid Performance are the perfect swimming goggles for training and competition. The extremely hydrodynamic design produces very little resistance in the water. Thanks to the patented RAS adjustment system, a quick and perfect adjustment of the head strap to the head size is possible. The adjustable buckles are fixed directly to the sealing lips and ensure optimum power transmission and an improved fit. By pressing the clasp with two fingers (top and bottom) the strap slides into the correct position. The strap is tightened by pulling on the ends of the strap.

Mid-size: ideal for women, teenagers and adults with a head circumference of approx. 56 cm or users with relatively close eye relief or eye sockets that do not extend too far outwards.

ÖTILLÖ Limited Edition products are developed and designed in collaboration with ÖTILLÖ WORLDSERIES and the best SWIMRUN professionals.

Mirrored glasses are especially ideal in summer or in sunshine in outdoor swimming pools and open water, because the reflection of the sun's rays through the water surface provides a very high light intensity. Mirrored lenses reduce the light intensity that hits the eyes, making them easy on the eyes.

Tinted glasses support.
BLUE - reduces water reflections and optimises visibility in the water.
SMOKE - tones the light and produces only slight colour changes.
CLEAR - protects the eye and allows the existing lighting conditions.

HEAD LIQUID SILICONE Technology - great comfort
Thanks to this patented technology, the sealing lip is sprayed directly onto the PC lenses and the silicone edging sits more or less borderless on the lenses. The glasses fit around the head and eye socket shape optimally. This means that the glasses don’t have to be strapped so tightly. This is extremely pleasant, especially for longer swimming sessions.

HEAD CONICAL LENSES - perfect view
The exclusive design of the curved conical PC lenses is adapted to the natural angle of vision of the eyes. It thus optimises visual behaviour in water, as the distortions created under water are reduced to a maximum. This also makes the field of view much wider and larger. This increased visual comfort is particularly noticeable in open water.

HEAD RAPID ADJUST SYSTEM - easy adjustment
The patented adjustment system is always easy and quick to adjust, even in water and with cold fingers. The buckles are fixed directly to the sealing lip. Meaning the glasses can be individually and comfortably adapted. By pressing the buckle together, the belt that is too tight slides quickly and perfectly into the required position. By pulling on the ends of the strap the glasses can be adjusted more tightly.

HEAD ANTIFOG SYSTEM - never in the fog
The anti-fog finish on the inside of the PC lenses ensures a perfect view. If possible, do not wipe the inside of the glasses with your fingers. Always rinse glasses after use with clear water, e.g. in the shower. Attention! In case of extreme temperature differences, e.g. cold water coming into contact with a "hot" pair of glasses left in the sun, the ANTIFOG system may come reach its limits. RECOMMENDATION: Briefly place the goggles in cold water, allow to cool and only then put them on.

HEAD UV STOP SYSTEM - perfect protection
The UV protection protects the eyes from the harmful UV rays. This is especially important in summer when swimming in the open air or open water. If the sunlight is too strong, please use mirrored glasses for optimum protection.

HEAD BOX SYSTEM - protected storage
The plastic box supplied with the glasses protects the lenses from scratching during transport. RECOMMENDATION: After use, rinse your glasses with clear water (e.g. under the shower) and then stow them directly in the box.

HEAD COOL EARTH - Together for the Rainforest
Protection of the Rainforest and Support of Village Communities with the COOL EARTH Charity. HEAD helps local communities to conserve the tree population and thus the natural habitat of endangered animal species. HEAD's partnership with Cool Earth therefore also helps to reduce CO2 emissions.

ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN WORLDSERIES - The island to island race
SWMIRUN is a quickly growing sport in which participants compete in teams of two. They athletes alternate, running through nature and swiming in open water. The length of the course is adapted to the natural conditions, e.g. a swimming course can be 100 m, but also 1800 m long. In the original race, the ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN near Stockholm, there are 26 swimming and running routes, which means the athletes change over 50 times. In trail running you run in a wetsuit and when swimming you wear running shoes, because every second counts in SWIMRUN. The use of fins, snorkels, paddles and pullbuoys is allowed, but every piece of equipment used in the race must be carried right through to the finish. The sport offers a unique experience, giving participants the opportunity to race through extraordinary landscapes and open nature. The sport originated in Ötillö in the Stockholm archipelago, the longest race of its kind. This race is considered one of the toughest one-day races in the world. The participants run a total of 65 kilometres on island trails, slippery rocks and rough terrain and swim a total of 10 kilometres in the Baltic Sea.

HEAD is official partner of the ÖTILLÖ SWIMRUN WORLDSERIES and has positively influenced the development of the SWIMRUN sport via its innovations - especially in the field of neoprene suits. HEAD is the world market leader in SWIMRUN suits.

Dodatkowe informacje

  • Performance swimming goggles for training and competition
  • innovative swimming goggles with 180° field of vision
  • ÖTillÖ special Edition
Okulary pływackie  
Akweny otwarte  
przyciemniane, lustrzane, ochrona UV, nietłukące
Materiał: poliwęglan  
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Die Polarisierung ist sehr gut, die Passform auch. Ich hatte sie mir etwas dunkler vorgestellt. Ich würde sie aber wieder kaufen!

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richard froninger
ładne, ale ...
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wielki projekt, ale mgieł dość szybko w porównaniu do innych modeli ...

super design, mais présence de buée assez rapidement par rapport à d'autres modèles...

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