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Rudy Project

Rudy Project Boost Pro Kask rowerowy, gold shiny (2020)

ID: 703883
923,99 zł
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Rudy Project Boost Pro Kask rowerowy, gold shiny
Rudy Project Boost Pro Kask rowerowy, black shiny-white matte
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Szczegóły produktu

Przepraszamy, ale opis produktu w języku polskim jest w tej chwili niedostępny. Pracujemy nad tym.

After intensive wind tunnel tests with professional cyclists from the Bahrain-Merida team, Rudy Project has updated its Boost 01 helmet to deliver unsurpassed aerodynamic performance. Thanks to the completely closed configuration, the newly developed housing of the Boost Pro significantly reduces air resistance and enables athletes to save valuable seconds in the time trial position. The removable rear cover can be snapped in to provide a complete aero configuration, while front covers provide customisable air management.

The innovative R.S.R. DISC dial system is constantly being developed to improve performance and stability. Precise adjustability and height-adjustable inner rings offer the best fit and stability.

Adjustable Comfort Fit
Rudy Project helmets are appreciated for their legendary fit, the result of extensive studies on ergonomics, design and material innovation as well as advanced manufacturing techniques. The support system is constantly updated to improve comfort and performance. The new RSR 9 system improves their adaptation. The structure is more enveloped, while precise micro-metric adjustment and height adjustment provide a perfect personal fit.

Airframe Padding
The Airframe front pad is equipped with innovative materials such as Dry Foam and X-Static antibacterial material: The former is a special white foam that does not absorb sweat, while the latter promotes perspiration. The padding minimises the welding process inside the helmet: The foam does not absorb sweat, while the fabric transpires and dries slightly, avoiding the release of unpleasant odours and ensuring the best performance level.

Custom Fit
Rudy Project products’ legendary fit is the result of scientific studies of the human head, design innovation and progress in materials and manufacturing techniques. Rudy Project's groundbreaking systems are constantly updated and improved to ensure exceptional adaptability and stability.

In Mold Technology
Rudy Project's primary goal is to minimise the damage caused in accidents. For this reason, Rudy Project uses proven In Mould technology, wherein the protective polystyrene mass (EPS) is directly injected into the polycarbonate shell to create a significantly stronger, more shock-resistant and lightweight structure. The combination of EPS, the polycarbonate shell and the exoskeleton offers the best protection against the mechanical effects of a fall by distributing the energy optimally onto the structure and thus protecting the helmet wearer from the consequences of a fall.

Center Pressure Balance
One of the most important innovations of the helmet is the improved weight balance. The rear part was shortened and material added to the front to move the pressure centre forward. This prevents disturbing swiveling because of crosswinds.

Customizable Air Management
The human body uses energy to cool itself. Rudy Project uses aerodynamic science. The Wing57 time trial helmet has a set of two modular, removable covers, a closed cover and a net. Both can be mounted in the front vent to regulate the airflow, adjust the aerodynamic efficiency of the helmet to the ambient conditions and maintain the body's efficiency.

Flip Up
The flip-up system offers a unique removable shielding interface for comprehensive all-round visual protection, improved flow dynamics and atmospheric management that minimises eye strain. The intelligent magnetic folding system makes it easier to put on the helmet, reduces fog and maximises cooling during long journeys.

Dodatkowe informacje
Weight: 300 g (S - M). 330 g (L)
Konstrukcja kasku
technologia "In-mold"  
Ilość: 3  
Cechy szczególne
EN 1078  
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